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Default The Ultimate MonoGymChallenge!

Welcome, this is the ultimate monogym challenge!

The concept:

The meaning of this gym is to battle 17 teams which each is represented by one type. So each team will have 6 pokémon of the same type (not like some other monotype teams that have only 5 pokemon of the same type). It will not be known in which order the teams are so you can’t base your team on a weakness of my teams. The teams will be challenged after each other and it will be able leave some time between the matches (a week). It is also possible to change your team if wanted. (You don't have to have a monotype team, only me!!)

To be a little equitable, Each challenger will get 8 lives. These lives actually are the amount that you can lose against one of my teams. If the battle is lost by the challenger, one life will disappear and the same team will be challenged (With another team if wanted). When no lives are left, the mission is failed but it’s possible to try again of a 7day-wait.
If all monotype teams are defeated, the final team is up for challenge. This team is a ordinary non-monotype team that is allowed by the standard rules. The remaining lives will be used to challenge this team.
If this challenge is won, the mission is finally complete. The challenger will be placed in the Hall Of Fame.
There is also a special prize for the challengers who did really good. If the challenger is able to have 3 lives (or more) at the end of the mission, the challenger will be able to audition for Kecleking (if wanted of course). The Kecleking is al to be challenged by challengers just like me. The Kecleking also has to make 17 monotype teams (one of each type) and also a ordinary team (they all have to be allowed by the standard rules).
But the Kecleking can be kicked off his throne. If another challenger is able to end the mission with 3 lives (or more), it can challenge the Kecleking. The Kecleking and the challenger will battle every team against each other: their monotype teams with the same have to battle against each other. The one who gets more wins, is the new Kecleking.

The standard rules:

For every battle there will be some basic rules to follow. This rules are similar to the one of the OU ladder (of the pokemon elite 2000 server) on shoddy battle. But they will be summed up for reducing confusion. All battle will take place on the pokemon elite 2000 server of shoddy battle or the smogon server.

No ubers
It won’t be allowed to use ubers.
Here they are:


The’ clauses’:

There will be some restrictions to follow. Here they are summed up: (I expect everybody knows this clauses and otherwise it will be necessary to search up what they mean)

- Sleep Clause
- Freeze Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Evasion Clause
- Species Clause

How to challenge:

The challenger can choose between me (noobiess) and the current Kecleking. The challenger must PM the one who he wants to challenge. If he want to take some time between the matches, the challenger has to PM it reduce confusing. (and mention your name that you are using on shoddy battle). It is also to challenge if I (or the Kecleking) is on the server by PM him there. (but don't expect to be able to start right away)

Hall of fame:
darxide. (with 6 lives left)
Immortalis (with 3 lives left)
Burning_rain (with 1 live left)

Current Kecleking:
Burning rain

If I forget to mention something or if something is not clear, PM me so I can solve it.

Have fun!

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