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Originally Posted by AtaroBot View Post
I didn't say that CHs don't ignore Reflect/Light Screen. Apparently the new calc does ignores it then. which is correct. However, the damage done by a critical hit daage by a user with ATK-1, BRN, and Reflect set up on the opponent is different from the manual calculations done in the old calc.

By using the new calculator as well, people don't even know how to do Adaptability, critical hits and various simple stuffs like Reflect and Burn attack drop. It's really irritating when you're ref testing someone, and they don't know how to do Reflect/critical hits, just because they've relied on the new calculator all along. But that's just imo.
The reason why an mon using a CH with Atk-1 and BRN on a mon with reflect is different, is cause the new calc actually ignored the -1 att and the reflect, but keeps the burn, as it should do. Thus the new calc is correct. Manual calculations can be off if you didn't know that's the case.

And that's why iirc Mike made the use of the new calc illegal during ref tests. Just flunk them if they use it, cause they apparantly don't know how to ref up to standards.

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