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Originally Posted by AtaroBot View Post
And the new one does Reflect/Light Screen critical hits wrongly, I think. So you're really better off with the old one. We don't need a referee that relies on a calculator that does everything to ref. ^_^;
Hey, didn't we already talk about this.
Even Mike agreed, CH ignores Reflect/Light Screen and stat modifiers.
Check Smogon:

Also, the new calc is better than the old calc, since the old calc doesn't have a spot for the CH modifiers in the damage calculation. So booyah for everyone calling the new calc worse, I have made it exactly as the damage formula should be and therefor it's even better than the old calc.

And doubling the end damage or doubling the move power doesn't give the same result as the CH modifiers would. So you actually are more inaccurate if you use the old calc ways. Which could be a matter of win or lose.

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