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Default Re: Meryl Events

Originally Posted by Meryl View Post
Hi everybody, just opened my shop dedicated to events

Please event legits only!


-Shaymin "Film11", Careful, with Micle Berry, UT
-shiney Milotic VGC09, Timid, with Flam Orb, UT
-Eulalie (french Hayley) Staravia, mÔle, with Yache Berry, Jolly, UT
-Eulalie Ponyta, mÔle, Naughty, with PocPoc Berry, UT
-Eulalie Pikachu, mÔle, Jolly, with Jouca Berry, UT
-ALAMOS Darkrai (from Japan Expo 2008), Quirky, with Enigma Berry, UT
-French Pokemon Ranger Riolu, mÔle, Serious, UT
-French PKTOPIA Pikachu, female, Hardy, with Light Ball, UT
-French PKTOPIA Elektive, mÔle, Adamant, with Magnet, UT
-French PKTOPIA Magmortar, female, Modest, with Charcoal, UT
-MT BATA Ho-oh, Serious, UT


-10 ANIV Charizard, mÔle, Timid, UT
-10 ANIV Articuno (With Pokerus), Lonely, UT
-10 ANIV Celebi, Naughty, UT
-10ANNIV Latias, Na´ve, UT
-10ANNIV Ho-oh
-10ANNIV Lugia
The following events are shiney, and though someone here told me it wasn't possible, I swear Legit.exe sait they were not hacked:
-10 ANIV Moltres, Serious, UT
-10 ANIV Zapdos, Mild,UT


-Umbreon,mÔle, Calm, UT
-Suicune, Naive, UT
-Dragonite, female, Lonely, UT


-Lugia, Distant Land, Naughty, T (france)
-Entei, Distant Land, Sassy, T (japan)
-Moltrres, DistantLand, Quirky, T (france)


-Parushiti Mew, Mild, UT (I know it should be Quirky but the legit told me everything was normal and it wasn't hacked)
-Parushiti Manaphy, Hardy, UT
-Shokotan shiney Pichu, mÔle, Jolly, with "Pierre Stase" (didn't find the english word, sorry), UT
-Movie 7 Darkrai (sorry for OT, it's in japanese and I couldn't find what it was), Quirky, T
-Saikyou Salamence, mÔle, Naughty, UT
-Saikyou Milotic, female, Bold, UT
-Saikyou Elektivire, mÔle, Serious, UT
-Saikyou Maganon, mÔle, Hardy, UT
-Saikyou Dragonite, mÔle, Mild, UT
-McDonald Pikachu, female, Bashful, with Light Ball, UT
-Ageto Celebi, Rash, UT
-Shigeshige Psyduck, Sassy, UT (at legit.exe it is not hacked but the date is August 16th 2007,3 days before the event)
-Daisuki Fanclub Hapinese (ID 03126), female, Quiet, UT
-Eigakan Arceus, Serious, with Pommo Berry, UT
-Eigakan Arceus, Bold, with Pommo Berry, UT
-Eigakan Arceus, Quiet, with Pommo Berry, UT

-Stamp Absol, Lonely, with Lingan Berry, UT


-TRU Dragonite, mÔle, Mild, with Yache Berry, UT
-TRU Shaymin, Mild, UT
-TRU Shaymin, Lonely
-TRU Regigigas, Hasty, with Cherim Berry, UT
-American Milotic VGC09, Timid, with Flam Orb, UT
-JEREMY Gowlithe, mÔle, Serious, UT
-JEREMY Tauros, mÔle, Lonely, UT
-World09 Weavile, Jolly, with his item (don't know the english name, sorry), UT

KOREAN EVENTS: (no informations to prevent hack, you are warned)

-Character Fair Pikachu, Brave, UT
-Battle Series Arcanine, Jolly, UT
-Shinsegae Feebas, Calm, with Palma Berry, UT
-NOK Regigigas, Jolly, UT
-NOK Mew, Bashful, UT

I am looking for:
-more Eigakan Arceus, with different caracteristics
-Europeean Regigigas
-Wish event pokemon
any shinies?

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