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Default Re: Movie Reviews [Warning: Possible Spoilers]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Good. Not a five star rate in my opinion, but still very enjoyable. It should be greatly liked by both those who have read the books that this was based off, and by those who have not. It contains a few scenes not put in the book that I was pleasantly surprised by. Nothing drastic, mind you. It still has the important, major scenes in the book and sticks to it rather nicely. The movie follows Harry and his friends through their sixth year at Hogwarts and sees the true ramifications of Voldemort's actions taking place in both the Muggle and the Wizarding world. You find out shocking revelations, dig deep into Voldemort's past and find out much about how Voldemort came to be as he is now.

The graphics in this blew me away though. They were very good, detailed and just awesome. The only other thing I've seen that may be better is the graphics in Transformer 2. And the music? Same as always, I suppose--AKA, nicely done. That acting was superb, but of course, many of the actors/actresses have been doing these roles for years. The only problems I had was that I had trouble following a scene or two in the movies, which cut down on its rating to four Poke'Balls. At one point it seemed to move just a little too fast, but I think that was just me. All in all, a good movie in my personal opinion.

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