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Originally Posted by Mewcario View Post
I believe in two divisions of spirits (those who have passed on): the Akhu and the Muett. The Akhu are those who have stood justified before Wesir (Osiris) and their Ka (person of this lifetime) is glorified and set to watch over those in need. Then there are the Muett. Those are the souls who remain on this plane, weather out of fear, regret, anger or other strong attachment to this world. While some are lost and harmless, others can reek havoc on the living, as has happened in several places.

I'm not sure about aliens, but there is always the possibility. Perhaps there is other life out there, but they aren't as advanced as we all think and probably haven't the means to travel beyond their world.
Mmm...ah, so you believe in, the Egyptian mythology and lore, I believe. I ran a few google searches, and I got Akhu, Ka, and Osiris being from Egyptian mytyhology. I couldn't find anything on the Muett.

I believe in aliens and ghosts, and some cryptids. Only the ones that are feasible. No like, twenty eyed giant flying bug @_@