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Default Official PE2k Challenge Finder + Battle Log!

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Welcome to the Challenge Finder. If you're looking for some one to battle with over Wi-Fi, then you've come to the right place! Now before you go and start posting, there are a few guidelines you must follow!

To find a quick battle check out the Official PE2K Battling Center Chatroom!
Official Chatbox

Now since having your own battling thread isn't allowed here. This thread will not only be used for finding some one to battle, but also as a place to keep your own personal battling stats. Keep in mind that this is more oriented towards those who battle with Wi-fi. If you're looking to battle someone over Shoddy please refer to the PE2k Shoddy Sever and Discussion thread

What your post should contain:
  • In Game Name
  • Friend Code
  • Battling Clauses
  • Singles or doubles
  • Level set to 50 or 100
  • Battling Stats: Which will include your win win/loss/draw/disconnect records
  • Misc Info: If you have something more you wish to add such as Messenger info, or how you accept challenges.

  1. You're allowed one post and only one post! So make use of it!
  2. You must have access to Wi-fi
  3. No including your previously beat opponents name.
  4. All challenges should happen Via a messenger such as AIM or MSN, if that isn't applicable
  5. PM or a VM is just as fine and encouraged!
  6. Please try and use proper grammar. It would make you look more professional and possibly net you a few more battles!
  7. Always refer to the second post to find some one to battle against if the Battling Center Chat is empty.

I'll add rules as necessary if any problems should arise.

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