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Default Re: New Title - DP138! [Spoiler]

Put together a relatively large sheet of preview pictures for anyone whoís interested:

Although it isnít evident from the pictures, the animation in the preview is flawless. I genuinely applaud Shimura; she fluctuates constantly in terms of quality; but this episode looks incredible. The drawings themselves arenít perfect (albeit not bad in any sense), but the overall movement is fluid and fits the battle appropriately. :] Speaking of said battle, the techniques and combos used by both side look fairly interesting. Nice to see Pachirisu make use of Super Fang, since it hasnít been seen since it actually learned the attack. Also, I like that the writers didnít ignore the fact that Johannaís a former Grand Festival Champion. Well, from the mere 20 seconds I seen anyway, she appeared reasonably skilled.

And if you didnít bother to read the random waffling above, then the animation director is confirmed to be Izumi Shimura. :P
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