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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< Chapter Three Up!

Originally Posted by Michelle8936 View Post
Can't believe I didn't notice that >.> *Fixed*

Hey, at least I don't pull another one on you for a few more chapters XD

Oh yeah, totally classic XD

Yep, I already fixed all the typos from chapters one and two - you already posted them - look on the first page XD *Fixes the others*

I have a bad feeling something would happen even if it was only one of the other emeralds from that time that came in contact, not just the past self of that one oO *Has the green emerald double wrapped*
Haha! I think I'm gonna like this kid! XD


Eh? I didn't fix anything from Chapter 2 before. Did I? ... *thinks* No, I didn't. *shakes head*

I still hope something bad doesn't happen when you find the last one. =^-^'=
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