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Default Re: I Just got A New Copy Of Pokemon Silver

Chickorita? alright. You have possibly the weakest pokemon you can start with. But, if you keep it 5 levels stronger than the competition, you are fine. Get a mareep, they are really strong at level 30 when they evolve. And you can teach it firepunch when it is an Ampharos. Another good pokemon is right in front of you. Suduwoodu when you get there, or just get a geodude and train it. Try and make it a Golem if possible. Then, get the Gyrados in the Lake of Rage. Most people say you should train a magikarp, but that is only if you have time. Finally, the best addition would be Pidgey. Pidgeot is one of the best bird types in the game. And of course, don't forget to get Lugia. So here is the best party. At the Elite Four + the champion

Meganium- level 50
Ampharos- 45+
Gyrados(with an Ice move)- 45+
Sudowoodu/Golem- 43/47
Pidgeot- 50 because of how easy they are to train
Lugia- 45+

Easily won
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