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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Anime: Chrno Crusade (yes, it's spelt Chrno)
Watched: All 24 eps.
ESRP rating: Everyone to Teen
Genre: Drama/Action

Well the American version I heard does spell Chrono Crusade, not that it matters.


The character designs are good, and also the consistency is quite high. Also, the graphics also seem to match with the atmosphere of the series during the right periods. All in all, a strong entry.



The series bases itself with the Catholic prophecies (if I recall, it's the same 3 prophecies). Anyway, the plot is about a soldier for the church named Rosette Christopher, and her partner (and a demon) Chrno. They are then launched into a battle against the past, present, and darkness itself.

The story launches itself out to have a darker and darker atmosphere as the series prgresses. Does the ending deal with sadness or not? Only the preceiver will know.



Rosette, Chrnos, and Azumaria show dynamic personalities, and the supporting cast also shows some livelyhood.



It's probably not the first series to deal with the prophecies, and also the idea of demon hunting was fairly overdone. One huge problem was the filler episodes in the middle, though.



The ending was GOOD, and combined with a good start, made it a good series to go with. Sadly, the series could still have gotten into the series without the whole DBZ crap.


41/50 or 8.2

Strong series. I like it a lot and felt some emotional attachment to the series at the end. I rode with the wave. Not sure, however, of I feel at the end of the series, unfortunately. Oh, you know the actual name of the series does mean something (I knew by the end anyway).

- Kenny C.
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