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Default Re: <Cool Title Here>

Thanks guys! I'll see about doing a Drapion next, he could be interesting. :O

And here is that Flareon tut for you, Graceful Suicune:

Going to do a very simple drawing here, otherwise there would be a thousand screenshots. XD You can click each of these to enlarge.

I start out with a really rough placement sketch, on whatever size canvas you feel comfortable with. Don't worry about making it perfect, because it's probably going to get pretty messed up anyway.

Then we move to the background. I try to visualize the image in several dimensions, and move from the farthest point back to the foreground. So we move from the sky, to the tall grass, to the short grass. Pick a few shades, I chose three, and shade it accordingly to wherever you want your light source to come from. You can use a pretty big brush here, since it doesn't need to be detailed yet. I do a lot, if not all, of the coloring on zoom. Much easier to do details. :]

Now pick the smudge tool and change the brush size to about 3 px. Blend everything together how you see fit. Angle your strokes to make the grass look realistic; clearer and bigger in the foreground, and smaller and blurrier in the background. Remember to start at the very back of the image and move forward. The sky is pretty much done here.

Now we go back to the regular paint brush. Change the brush size to 1 px and start doing the grass shading. I like to start with the darker shades and go lighter. After about four darks and four lights for each type of grass, we're left with this:

Now for the fun part. :) Go pack to the Flareon and finish the sketch. It seems to be easier to color with the more detail you put into it, so you can go all out here. However, I just did a very quick one to keep things simple, lol.

Now the shading again. It's virtually the same exact process as what we did for the grass. Angle your strokes to make the fur as realistic as possible. Here is a shot of what about 4 different steps of shading looks like. The rear has one shade, and the number of shades progresses as you move up to the face. Did this so I didn't have to do 5 screens. XD

And here is the finished result with the color pallet open. Every shade I used came from this selection.

Do the same process once more for the hair. Your strokes and shading is everything really. I went for a more jagged-style with this one.

Now we're almost done. Here I just used smudge to crease in all the white edges and created a bit more grass around his feet as well as a shadow. Colored his eye and nose here too.

And last I like to put in a lighting effect, but it's purely optional. Go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects and fiddle with it until you get something you like.

And here is our finished result. :)


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