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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< Chapter Three Up

Chapter Three

Walking through the woods, Iyoku could sense the other Pokémon around him. They were wild, but posed no threat because there was plenty of food and water in this world for all. Iyoku knew it could also be a possibility that the two Zangoose who he’d fought with earlier could’ve spread the news, but he knew that not any two Pokémon had the same nature. His thoughts wandered back to the dragon duo; he knew what had happened – or at least had an idea of it, but he didn’t know how it had. “In the future, time and space themselves have collapsed, thus rendering the planet’s full paralysis…” he muttered to himself, “But, the question remains… How did it happen, and how can there still be anything there at all even after all that?” Looking up at the trees, he saw various berries were growing on the branches; several ready to be picked. Normally, one wouldn’t be able to see that well in the darkness like this, but after living in the constant, dim twilight of the future, Iyoku’s eyes could see very easily thanks to the moon and stars in the sky. Channeling some of his Aura to his shoes, he made a high jump, landing on the thickest branch with ease.

He picked a few of the large, veined leaves off the tree and intertwined them, making a small basket-like bag in the process. He grinned as he spotted a large cluster of Lum Berries; they were very rare and hard to find, but they could heal a Pokémon of any status ailment – or anyone else for that matter. He picked many of them, putting the green berries into his makeshift basket. He didn’t worry about them getting crushed however, because they were very hard. Once he had picked a decent number of them, he continued walking along the same branch, looking for other berries that could be useful. The grey hedgehog spotted more Sitrus Berries as well, and after adding those to his basket, he still looked for more. Iyoku had a feeling that this world was not composed entirely of forest, and therefore knew to stock up. Scanning the treetops, he finally saw what he’d been looking for; Salac Berries. They were known for increasing a Pokémon's speed in a pinch and had been much help in battles. The berry was not that good in cooking however; he and his own Pokémon had found that out the hard way. Salac Berries were horribly bitter and dry, but they still had their use in battle. Picking some of them, Iyoku didn’t realize he’d been gone for a while. He often lost track of time when he was finding medical and food supplies. But not only that; it was night out and he enjoyed it, especially when there was the wind to keep the remaining heat from the daylight hours at bay.

Lilac blinked, thoroughly enjoying the calm wind that ruffled her fur and the scents that it carried. After a minute or two, Nazo had figured out how to release her from the confinement of the Luxury Ball, and she had gone off into the forest to see what she could find. Lowering her muzzle to the ground, she took long, deep breaths, inhaling the aromas of the forest. A distinct smell reached her nostrils, and she padded forward, looking upwards at a large tree. Apricorns and berries of all kinds hung on its branches, enticing any Pokémon to come in closer for a look. Realizing that these supplies would be a great asset (particularly the apricorns, as she had observed Iyoku making a Poke Ball out of one), she looked around for a large leaf. Finding one, she took it carefully off the bush so as to not damage either. Dragging it over, she left it on the ground as she powerfully leapt up the tree. However, being a Houndour and not a Meowth, she scrambled to hold onto the branches, nearly falling off several times. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she was on a particularly thick branch, taking a few exhausted gasps. This is so not worth it... She was already up there however, so it made sense to keep going.

Iyoku started as he heard scratching noises coming from the opposite side of the tree. I bet that’s another Pokémon getting their meal, but I’ll check it out. Easily jumping from branch to branch on the other side of the tree, Iyoku had to keep from chuckling at the sight he saw. Lilac was doing her best to jump from tree branch to tree branch like he had done so effortlessly, but she was having slightly more trouble than he did.

By ‘slightly’, that meant almost falling off every time she made a jump to the next branch. He watched in amusement as she continued to make her way up the tree, no doubt going up higher after the Apricorns and berries at the top. The grey hedgehog leaned against the trunk and raised an eyebrow, wondering if he should tell her that he had already harvested all that they would need. Well, all that they would need for the next couple of weeks, anyway.

The Houndour's ears flicked in exhaustion in Iyoku's direction before she looked over, blinking her beautiful violet eyes in surprise. <Iyoku? What are you doing here?> She asked, caught off guard. He had gone into the forest, but she hadn't known to gather supplies. Glancing at the basket, she noticed he had filled it up to the brim with berries. Disappointed that the berries were taken care of, she remembered that there were also apricorns in this tree. Not only that...But she had smelled a very peculiar scent, one she had never scented before. Being naturally curious, she had wanted to check it out.

Iyoku spoke telepathically back to the Houndour; <I think that was pretty easy to figure out.> He then noticed that she caught a strange scent on the wind. He soon smelled it as well, and his eyes traced the very top canopy of the tree. <Something’s up there, want to go check it out?> He asked, easily making the jump over to the branch she was on.

A smile placed itself on her red muzzle as she agreed. Bunching her legs once more, she made a tremendous leap to the uppermost branches, albeit a little unstable at first. Pushing her petite head through the bushes, an audible gasp escaped her maw. In front of her was a cluster of black oblong shaped berries. They had a white sphere at the narrower end, the white climbing up in a question mark. She frankly couldn't believe it - Enigma berries were impossibly hard to find, and even harder to grow. They were mythical - rumored to contain the power of the stars; they also healed a Pokémon when hit by a super-effective attack. They were, admittedly, dry - but they were also spicy, making them good for hot recipes. Of course, that was only if one could get past the hard skin... <I wonder...> She thought out loud, an idea pricking her curious mind.

Making another easy jump up to the same branch that Lilac landed on, Iyoku was a little startled when he saw the Enigma Berries as well, but he wasn’t that surprised to see them. Frankly, he expected the unexpected by now. He studied the berries, knowing the origin of their name. It amused him slightly that Nazo shared the same name with the berries, but at the same time, he had a bad feeling something would happen if he ever ate one. He picked only a few of the berries because the entire cluster could die from being over picked, and put some off to the side in his basket, making sure not to get them mixed up with the others. He soon heard Lilac’s thought, and asked, <What is it?>

Lilac blinked, shaking her head, unaware that Iyoku had suspicions. <I was just wondering...Since these berries and Nazo share power over the stars, I wonder what would happen if he ate one. Like if he would get a power boost, or a new power for a limited time.> She closed her eyes, smiling to herself. <That would be AWESOME.> Lifting her muzzle, she delicately snipped some apricorns of varying colors with her teeth - making sure to only cut the stems and not damage the nuts themselves. They dropped to the ground with relatively loud thuds, but due to their hardness, the fall wouldn't have hurt them. <Maybe we should tell him it's a sweet berry - he'll be in for a surprise when he discovers it is spicy!> She imagined her partner's face, and the hedgehog running (and dunking) his head in the river to ease the pain from the heat. Yeah, I'm a little mean. She snickered quietly to herself.

Iyoku couldn’t help but snicker at the idea of Nazo dunking his head underwater, but he still had a feeling something bad would happen if he did ever eat one of the Enigma berries. <I have a bad feeling that something could happen if he eats one of those, but…> he grinned mischievously, <I have some even spicier berries that I found back in Celebi’s woods. Want to try with those?> He asked as he swiftly jumped back down to the ground.

Following the grey hedgehog, Lilac pawed the apricorns into the large leaf she had found earlier, tying it up as best she could before gripping it in her jaws. <Something bad? I don't see how a berry could do that...> She thought quietly, before a wider grin firmly set itself on her face. <Really? Tee hee, this is going to be very amusing! With any luck, he won't lose faith in us. I wonder if he played any pranks when he was young...> She thought to her self. <At least, before he died.> The last one, although directed to Iyoku, seemed to be an afterthought.

Iyoku snickered, and then frowned slightly at Lilac’s last remark; <He’s died before? How?> However, he soon shook his head, disregarding the question he’d just asked. <I suppose it isn’t my place to ask.>

Lilac followed Iyoku, a little uneasy. <To tell you the truth, I don't know. I heard he died when he was ten. I also heard it was a sudden and brutal death...But you'll have to ask him yourself. He said he was going to tell you about his past...>

A mischievous grin reappeared on his face at the thought of Nazo’s reaction to the very spicy berry that Iyoku had saved in his bag. However, upon entering the campsite, the grey hedgehog resumed his normal, neutral expression. Walking over to his bag, he slipped each of the berries into their own pouches so as not to mix them up, and then brought out a large, red berry shaped somewhat like a tomato with dull knobs sticking out of it at various angles. He grinned to himself, cutting off a piece of the large berry, and then wrapped it in a leaf so the rest would not spoil. Putting it back in the bag, Iyoku took a small piece himself and ate it, being very fortunate that he loved spicy foods. Of course, Nazo didn't know the true flavour of the berry.

The Houndour sat down the wrapped apricorns next to the hedgehog's bag, turning her attention to the sky blue one sitting on a rock. Padding over, she was surprised to find him staring at a stone. She thought he was actually asleep with his eyes opened, when he spoke and scared the snot out of her. “Look at this, Lilac. See the speckles of purple?” Peering closer, what he said was true - very tiny dots of purple shined within the ordinary rock, and she couldn't help but smile. “Amethyst. It is a rare gem - you have the same color eyes as this gem does. Perhaps...” Taking another rock, he smacked it against the other, chipping away some of the dull stone to reveal more of the gem. “I had a feeling... If I chip away all of this rock, it will reveal the gem inside.” Lilac could only stare, amazed. The rock was decent sized, bigger than an average person's fist, and the jewel was just barely covered by the stone. Whatever came out of it would be huge. However... He was so distracted by this, he probably wouldn't notice he was eating something spicy - until it was too late.

Hiding a wry grin, Iyoku took the piece of berry to where Lilac and Nazo were; the latter apparently explaining a gemstone called an amethyst to the Houndour. Taking a look at the stone himself, Iyoku realized that the gem would be very large, and then asked, “you want to try one of these berries? I’ve had some before; they’re really good.” He held out the food as if he was doing the most casual thing in the world.
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