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Default Manga13's and Shadowpichu's trade thread! offer arceus for shinies

Hi everybody!

Everyone I'm back
i found my ds hooray
sorry for to the people who ive left out
My current trade:
My shiny squirtle* for Iron warlords Shiny castform and Shiny rioulu
My Competition winning shiny jolteon and flareon from Vovo
Same rules apply
1. We dont accept hacks
2. All pe2k rules are expected to be followed
3. Mild language is fine
4. Follow the rules or your on our blacklist
5. Be resonable with your trades no shiny bidoofs for arceus crap
6. Have fun

This weeks project is: collecting shinies (yay)

So basically you offer a pokemon (mainly shinies but event will be accepted aswell) for one of our pokemon

Simple if you think about it

So have fun

Quick links:

1. Shadowpichu's trade thread
2. Shadowpichu's breeding machine Ditto
3. Manga13's rules
4.Manga13's trade thread
5. Manga13's currently closed EV'D service and home to his EV'D pokemon
6. Manga13's cloning service
Banner made by me!

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