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Default Re: Impossible to obtain Shiny Females of 7:1 Pokemon in GSC?

Originally Posted by Kendo View Post
GASP! Pokemon have 7:1 gender ratios?

I don't exactly understand this (not that females aren't as shiny as males, but the IV talk and what-not), but I think that's weird. The only shiny I've ever seen naturally was a male, but that was in RSE, so I don't think it counts for this...? *is probably getting a little off-topic*
Only certain Pokemon have 7 to 1 Gender Ratios. These are typically those that you only get one of in a game. Its basically to limit the ease with which certain rare Pokemon are bread.

Between RSE and GSC a lot was changed about how certain things were determined. In GSC, gender and shinyness were based on the Pokemon's IVs (So a Pokemon traded from RBY could just decide its gender and whether or not it was Shiny as soon as it was traded, since IVs don't change), however, probably because of these inconsistencies (and the gender bias regarding attack) RSE based gender and whether or not something was Shiny on a totally different set of values, which are basically exclusively for those purposes. (Thus a Pokemon's combat ability won't be affected by its gender or what color it is)

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