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Originally Posted by Operative View Post
It looks like an actual bear. o__e

Which means it's so good, I almost thought you copied and pasted a picture.
Wow, thank you. XD That's quite a compliment.

Originally Posted by Dragoness View Post
Look's awesome! I especially like the Ursaring and Ponyta/Rapidash. You def. have some talent, it looks cool and you can clearly tell the expressions of the Pokemon--like the Ursaring looks (to me) like it may be a tad grumpy...
Thanks! And yeah, I feel like I've been doing a lot of angry ones lately... Maybe I'll have to do a ridiculously happy one next. :O

Originally Posted by Sixto View Post
Of course my comment isn't really needed. You already know your art is good great. Keep it up. Mind throwing a Houndour in there? XD
Psh, you have no idea how nervous I was putting these up here. D: But thanks, Mario. :) And I just happened to be working on a Houndour! Your post inspired me to finish it.

More practicing with the lighting effects, not sure if I like how it turned out...
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