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Default Re: Random Art and Stuff...

Originally Posted by Operative View Post
No, it's great really. A range of tints, shades, and hues are nice, if they are used correctly.

These were most definitely use correctly. I look forward to more art. :3
Awesome, thanks for the comments. ^_^

Originally Posted by Winter_Cherry View Post
These are awesome, Arcanine's my fav. as well. Oddly enough I was just looking at realistic pokemon pics...probably yesterday?
Thank you. :]

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
Pretty awesome pictures, girl. My favorite is the first one, 'cus it seems the realest while still maintaining its Pokemon goodness.

The only way the pictures could get better would be if they had Neville Longbottom in them.

XD I don't think I'd do a very good job of drawing Neville Longbottom... but maybe I'll try sometime.

And I just finished this Ursaring picture:

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