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Default Re: Quote Thread: Make a single post and store all your quotes here.

Originally Posted by trainer17
kaylaannbunny (9:39:09 am): <3ilu
pokefan17 (9:39:14 am): Aww
pokefan17 (9:39:17 am): That's very sweet
kaylaannbunny (9:39:21 am): Xd
pokefan17 (9:39:30 am): Xd
kaylaannbunny (9:39:38 am): D:< i hate you
pokefan17 (9:39:42 am): Aww
pokefan17 (9:39:45 am): That's sweet too
pokefan17 (9:39:47 am): Xd
Originally Posted by Anatasia-R
AgentGro08 (12:58:11 PM): I really hate my voice
AgentGro08 (12:58:12 PM): and
KaylaAnnBunny (12:58:16 PM): SAME
AgentGro08 (12:58:19 PM): I feel like I don't have a accent
AgentGro08 (12:58:21 PM): XDDDDD
KaylaAnnBunny (12:58:35 PM): do you have an accent?
AgentGro08 (12:58:42 PM): I dunno
KaylaAnnBunny (12:58:47 PM): country?
KaylaAnnBunny (12:58:49 PM): british
KaylaAnnBunny (12:58:52 PM): australian?
KaylaAnnBunny (12:58:54 PM): FINNISH!
AgentGro08 (12:58:53 PM): My friend thinks I have a Bostoian accent
AgentGro08 (12:59:02 PM): *Bostonian
KaylaAnnBunny (12:59:33 PM): i thought boston was a state. XD
Originally Posted by ALana
Alana Marie: Why do our parents always have to walk around half naked?

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