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Default [Read First] Anime/Movie/Manga

[Read First] Anime/Movie/Manga
Last updated - 7/1/12

Important Topics

General Pokemon Manga Discussion - Have a manga that you favour in particular? Whether it is the largely acknowledged Pokemon Adventures, to the not so recognized Pokemon PiPiPi, use this thread to express your views, or to pose any questions you may happen to have regarding a specific manga.

Pokemon Best Wishes Thread - Want to find a recent title for an upcoming episode or do you have a interesting point about the Best Wishes Saga and want to share it with the community? This thread is for all your Pokemon Best Wishes queries and information.

The Pokemon Anime Review Project - A small project to create a review for every single Pokemon episode and store them in the archives. Head along and participate in this ongoing project

The Speculation Thread - Do you prefer watching the Japanese versions of the anime? In this thread you can speculate about what could happen in future episodes, what Pokemon you think a character should capture.

The General Anime Discussion Thread - This thread is for any questions you have about the Pokemon Anime. You may also create a discussion and talk about the latest news.

Please bear in mind that some of these topics may contain spoilers for members who only watch the English dub. However, if this is the case, you should use the Spoiler Prefix. If you don't know how to add a Spoiler Prefix, look below.

Spoiler Prefix

Before you create a thread, ask yourself this question. Does the content of my post involve something that hasn't aired in America? If the answer is yes, next to your title bar is a small box with the option to add a prefix; 'Spoilers'.

  • Obey the standard PE2K Rules. All of these apply, so please examine them (located here) before you progress any further.
  • A spoiler prefix is a must Since both the raw and English versions are discussed here, you must ensure a spoiler tag is included within the title of your thread if it contains information not yet revealed in the dub. Similarly, please use the spoiler prefix when posting new episodes, to avoid any significant details being exposed.
  • No illegal discussion No discussion or links to downloading Pokemon episodes illegally.

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