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Default Re: Pikachu and Piplup

Pikachu is the icon of Pokemon and has been so since the creation of the anime. Pikachu has been given at least one (actually three iirc) opportunities to evolve and denied every single one. Pikachu has been kicking Raichu ass since Vermillion. Pikachu will never evolve, this is a good thing.

The only thing I have a problem with is that they're trying to make Piplup into Dawn's version of Pikachu. I don't watch the anime anymore, but from what I hear she's keeping it out of its Pokeball, plus the "not evolving" thing, and the fact that Piplup and Dawn became friends exactly the same way that Ash and Pikachu did, right down to the Legendary Pokemon cameo at the end of the episode. But honestly, I prefer Piplup to its evolutions. They're more powerful, yes, but Piplup just plain looks better.
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