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Default Re: Team Requests

Originally Posted by tk36477 View Post
could i request a team built around my charizard?

Charizard @ Choice Specs
Nature: Bold
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 4 Atk/ 252 SA/ 252 Speed
-Dragon Pulse

suggestions on a better moveset or items it can hold are nice but i cant change the EVs or nature cuz its already lvl 100

I'm no expert on competitive battling, but if he's going to have Choice Specs, why have two Physical moves? And Fly isn't really all that good anyway; in the two turns it takes to use, you probably could've done more damage with one of the other moves.

i also hav an electivire i wish to have a team around

Electivire @ Choice Band
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Motor Drive
EVs: 252 Atk/ 4 SA/ 252 Speed
-Thunder Punch
-Fire Punch
-Brick Break
-Giga Impact

once again, suggestions on better choice of items or moves, but he's my physical sweep so i wanna keep him on the offensive.

If he's all-Physical, why have 4 Sp.ATK EVs invested? That could go into one of his Defences. Also, when they're SE, all three of the other moves have equal BP to Giga Impact, just w/o the wasted turn. Thunder Punch has more when you factor in STAB. Same as with Charizard's fly, as well; the turn you spend recharging gives the opponent a free switch or free set up.

I don't know which moves you could use to replace them, but those are just my thoughts. I'm not competitive battling whizz, sorry D:
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