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Default New Sinnoh Dub Titles

Since the dub is relatively ignored here, I felt it was time to introduce a thread to discuss the latest English episodes. Use this to post the titles as they are revealed. You may also wish to speculate possible cast changes or significant events that may take place in said episodes. If you have already viewed the Japanese version, you are not permitted to reveal spoilers about the titles before they have aired, since this thread is strictly centres around the dub.

Anyway, the two most recent tiles revealed:
DP117: Noodles: Roamin' Off
DP118: Pursuing a Lofty Goal!

The former airs August 1st, whereas DP118 is the following Saturday.

The first features Team Rocket pursuing individual solo careers after they come across a ramen shop owner who was one of their underclassmen from their days at the Team Rocket Academy.

Ash participates in the PokéRinger contest in the second with Staravia, and competes against Paul and his Honchkrow.

Anyone looking forward to either? Post your thoughts/predictions.
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