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Default Gym Roll Call

Hello one and all gym leaders. It's that time again, the time where you have to check in. Just ordinary little check up, if you post you'll keep your gym... and if you don't then you won't be having you gym anymore. If your name is bolded you've checked in, if not then you have not. You have until August 5th to post saying you're active. Good luck... or something!

Pewter City
Leader: Lord Celebi

Cerulean City
Leader: Adrenaline

fVermillion City
Leader: Soda

Celadon City
Leader: Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Saffron City
Leader: Iridium

Fuchsia City
Leader: Black Hawk

Cinnabar Island
Leader: iReign

Viridian City
Leader: TheEvilDookie

Violet City
Leader: Necromancy

Azalea Town
Leader: gun6

Goldenrod City
Leader: Khajmer

Ecruteak City
Leader: NightBreaker

Cianwood City
Leader: Spiderc

Olivine City
Leader: Shen

Mahogany City
Leader: -Pichu Boy-

Blackthorn City
Leader: Fierce Deity

Rustburo City
Leader: MarshyMallow

Dewford Town
Leader: IceRocket

Mauville City
Leader: Metallic Houndoom

Lavaridge Town
Leader: LS the Door Mat

Petalburg City
Leader: BryceBAM

Fortree City
Leader: AtaroBot

Mossdeep City
Leader: DarkGardevoir

Sootopolis City
Leader: kingrptr101

Oreburgh City
Leader: Ayotui

Eterna City
Leader: Milotic Master1

Veilstone City
Leader: Elrond

Pastoria City
Leader: Michael

Hearthome City
Leader: Tyranitar_Trainer

Canalave City
Leader: ragnajacob

Snowpoint City
Leader: Volcanflame

Sunyshore City
Leader: Xalapeno

Mikan Island
Leader: Leman

Navel Island
Leader: Fenix

Trovita Island
Leader: Adam

Pummelo Island
Leader: Haze

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