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Default Re: Quote Thread: Make a single post and store all your quotes here.

... It says my message needs at least 1 character. =/ I choose Edward Elric.

Originally Posted by AIM
Sphynxed04 (1:26:50 PM): LIL
Sphynxed04 (1:26:55 PM): KOL
Sphynxed04 (1:27:03 PM): LO:
Sphynxed04 (1:27:04 PM): D=
Sphynxed04 (1:27:05 PM): This is hard.
zdraconicespeon (1:27:09 PM): xDD
zdraconicespeon (1:28:33 PM): What were you doing?
Sphynxed04 (1:28:44 PM): Eh?
zdraconicespeon (1:29:49 PM): the whole 'LIL KOL LO:' thing
zdraconicespeon (1:29:52 PM): that was hard
Sphynxed04 (1:30:07 PM): I was trying to type "LOL."
Sphynxed04 (1:30:21 PM): ...
Sphynxed04 (1:30:25 PM): I did it! =D
zdraconicespeon (1:30:44 PM): xDDD
zdraconicespeon (1:30:47 PM): nice.
zdraconicespeon (1:31:14 PM): ... I think I'm going to quote that just because I can. =D
Sphynxed04 (1:31:35 PM): Gah!
Originally Posted by AIM again
Sphynxed04 (1:37:42 AM): Ryuk was all like "I'm creepy, betch!"
Sphynxed04 (1:37:57 AM): L was all like "I'm insane, betch!"
Sphynxed04 (1:38:10 AM): Light was like "I am not in this episode, betch!"
zdraconicespeon (1:38:24 AM): xD I think you mixed up people a bit.
zdraconicespeon (1:38:36 AM): Light is the guy with brown hair who found the Death Note.
Sphynxed04 (1:38:36 AM): OH YEAH.
Sphynxed04 (1:39:03 AM): WHATEVER.
Sphynxed04 (1:39:40 AM): I'm sure it works in some alternate universe, although pertaining to a Swedish sitcom featuring Lola the Laughing Leech.
zdraconicespeon (1:41:16 AM): ... I'm quoting that. I'm sorry, but that's too hilarious. It must be shared with the world. xDD
Sphynxed04 (1:42:11 AM): As long as all the proceeds go to the charity for missing sanity.
Sphynxed04 (1:42:17 AM): I'd like mine back.

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