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Default Re: Quote Thread: Make a single post and store all your quotes here.

NeuroticNero (9:41:00 PM): I'm going to take a stab at your mom with my dic
NeuroticNero (9:41:08 PM): tator, whose name is Hitler.
statealchemic is available (9:41:15 PM)
State Alchemic (9:41:14 PM): =O
State Alchemic (9:41:24 PM): I'm Jewish... ;.;
NeuroticNero (9:41:26 PM): o.
NeuroticNero (9:41:37 PM): Then, that Cuban guy. XDDDD
State Alchemic (9:41:45 PM): You fail so bad. I lied.
State Alchemic (9:41:49 PM): GULLIBLE
State Alchemic (9:50:12 PM): At least I'm not black?!
Jess (11:49:16 AM): i lol'd so hard.
Jess (11:49:21 AM): and then i forgot about the convo.
Jess (11:50:01 AM): well you see.
Jess (11:50:09 AM): MEN HAVE TESTES.
Jess (11:50:12 AM): WOMEN HAVE OVARIES.
NeuroticNero (12:23:37 PM): so, whats up
Jess (12:24:14 PM): not much.
Jess (12:24:19 PM): just bored out of my skull.
Jess (12:24:26 PM): sitting around doing nothing in particular.
NeuroticNero (12:24:38 PM): im sitting missionary style
NN (5:55:07 PM): dang, you have a lot of pictures on Google. :x
Caitlin is available (5:56:35 PM)
Caitlin (5:56:35 PM): lolwat
NN (5:56:41 PM): u do.
ohthemetal (5:56:55 PM): of wat
NN (5:57:17 PM): just search Tombi Caitlin on Google. :o
Caitlin (5:57:53 PM)
Caitlin (5:57:52 PM): LMAO
NeuroticNero (4:30:37 PM): what has a dick and can run?
NeuroticNero (4:30:39 PM): XP
ZapPika (4:30:46 PM): hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ZapPika (4:30:46 PM): ?
ZapPika (4:30:48 PM): xP
NeuroticNero (4:30:55 PM): a man. XD
CJsox72 (4:27:00 PM): 911?
NeuroticNero (4:27:16 PM): Hello, how may I help you?
CJsox72 (4:27:32 PM): I support 911
CJsox72 (4:27:35 PM): I was curious
NeuroticNero (4:27:41 PM): Oh, you do?
CJsox72 (4:28:22 PM): well that depends
CJsox72 (4:28:25 PM): on what 911 is
NeuroticNero (4:29:07 PM): 911. Police Department
CJsox72 (4:29:35 PM): Well, yea, I support 911 as an emergency call hotline
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:31:40 PM): kjhkjhlkjhkjlh
NeuroticNero (8:31:50 PM): letter rapist. just like what craig said.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:31:56 PM): D:
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:32:00 PM): I cannot help myself.
NeuroticNero (8:32:41 PM): i want to letter rape someone
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:32:45 PM): doit
NeuroticNero (8:32:50 PM): okay.
NeuroticNero (8:32:54 PM): i'll try it on u
NeuroticNero (8:33:01 PM): Dear Alana, I'm a letter rapist. XD
NeuroticNero (8:33:10 PM): Sinceerely yours, NN.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:33:10 PM): slkjdflkjspldijfs;lkdfj you failed.
NeuroticNero (8:33:17 PM): l;dsfa;sjfl;ajdfl;asjdfl;adjf;asjf;adjrape
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:33:19 PM): Oic.
NeuroticNero (8:33:32 PM): i raped someone IRL
NeuroticNero (8:33:41 PM): shh
NeuroticNero (8:26:29 PM): me
silentiger92 is available (8:27:30 PM)
My aunt wants to know "which boy do you love???" on Facebook LOL
SilenTiger92 (8:27:30 PM): ohya
NeuroticNero (8:27:37 PM): hai
SilenTiger92 (8:27:46 PM): ullo
SilenTiger92 (8:27:49 PM): i went to a farm today
SilenTiger92 (8:27:52 PM): bcos good ice cream
SilenTiger92 (8:27:58 PM): and i went up to the counter to buy it.
SilenTiger92 (8:28:02 PM): and i looked at the dude
SilenTiger92 (8:28:04 PM): and was like
NeuroticNero (8:28:16 PM): XD
SilenTiger92 (8:28:29 PM): I ******* HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS
SilenTiger92 (8:28:30 PM): AAAAAAAA
NeuroticNero (8:28:39 PM): ahaha
NeuroticNero (8:28:40 PM): XD
SilenTiger92 (8:29:17 PM): he kpet *******
SilenTiger92 (8:29:20 PM): staring at me too
SilenTiger92 (8:29:24 PM): and when i walked out my mom's bf was like
SilenTiger92 (8:29:29 PM): "did that kid know u?"
SilenTiger92 (8:29:34 PM): "...yes."
NeuroticNero (8:30:07 PM): u rememebr his name?
NeuroticNero (8:30:09 PM): or her
SilenTiger92 (8:30:12 PM): matt
NeuroticNero (8:30:15 PM): :o
SilenTiger92 (8:30:24 PM): me and him
SilenTiger92 (8:30:27 PM): have 4 mutual friends
SilenTiger92 (8:30:29 PM): on facebook
SilenTiger92 (8:30:29 PM): lmao
NeuroticNero (8:30:38 PM): XD
AlanaPeekaboo4U (6:15:31 PM): Duckyou

AlanaPeekaboo4U (6:15:35 PM): ...Damn it

AlanaPeekaboo4U (6:15:44 PM): I wrote duck instead of **** O.o

AlanaPeekaboo4U (6:15:59 PM): That totally killed my upcoming death-threat.

AlanaPeekaboo4U (6:17:42 PM): Oh well, I will threaten you anyway--

AlanaPeekaboo4U (6:18:10 PM): ...*axe*
NeuroticNero (9:29:42 PM): Alana by Alana Marie is in my playlist.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (9:29:58 PM): dafuck.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (9:30:01 PM): ?
NeuroticNero (9:30:07 PM): er
NeuroticNero (9:30:07 PM): Alana by Alana Marie is in my playlist.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (9:30:11 PM): X___X
AlanaPeekaboo4U (9:30:19 PM): Is that really a song?
NeuroticNero (9:30:23 PM): Yeah, google it.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:07:00 PM): My legs itch
NeuroticNero (8:07:07 PM): lotion?
NeuroticNero (8:07:10 PM): :44
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:07:16 PM): I don't own lotion x.x
NeuroticNero (8:07:25 PM): ask kaya if she has some
AlanaPeekaboo4U (8:07:30 PM): She is not a sharer
AlanaPeekaboo4U (1:30:43 PM): Egg comes from ovaries
NeuroticNero (1:30:46 PM): eww
NeuroticNero (1:30:55 PM): sperm comes frm the ocean
AlanaPeekaboo4U (1:31:19 PM): Of course it dones, honey. *patpat* (...o_o'')
AlanaPeekaboo4U (1:31:22 PM): does*
NeuroticNero (1:31:31 PM): sperm whale, gosh.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (1:31:41 PM): Those things make me laugh
PiEaNdChIpS678 (3:36:22 PM):invite everyone but Sota
magic kid930 (3:37:02 PM):You could invite him, just "forget" to include him
BlackXHawk69 (5:39:01 PM): why was 6 afraid of 7
Rampardos pwns (5:39:08 PM): 7 ate 9
BlackXHawk69 (5:39:09 PM): BECAUSE 7 WAS A ******
BlackXHawk69 (5:33:46 PM): whats gpx?
Rampardos pwns (5:33:58 PM): lame egg click thing
BlackXHawk69 (5:34:01 PM): Great ***** eXtreme
BlackXHawk69 (5:34:03 PM): imo
Robertio123 (5:34:11 PM): lol
BlackXHawk69 (5:34:22 PM): or
BlackXHawk69 (5:34:28 PM): Giant *****, Xylophone
NeuroticNero (5:34:45 PM): XD
BlackXHawk69 (5:34:47 PM): Gosling *****, Xenophobe
AthletiKing (5:30:44 PM): sing to me and zak
AthletiKing (5:30:45 PM): NOW
Robertio123 (5:30:49 PM): You will here music
Robertio123 (5:30:52 PM): And you will like it
Robertio123 (5:30:53 PM): Or not
Robertio123 (5:30:54 PM): w/e
wtheburgerkingw (5:30:57 PM): no
AthletiKing (5:30:57 PM): none of that violin rubbish
ZapPika (8:12:55 PM): YAY HOUSE
NeuroticNero (8:13:20 PM): nutjob = di*ck job = blow*job
ZapPika (8:13:35 PM): YES PLZ
ZapPika (8:13:37 PM): :X
ZapPika (8:13:58 PM): HOT CHICK + ME + BLOW*JOB = CUMS*HOT
ZapPika (8:14:06 PM): xD
NeuroticNero (8:14:30 PM): Who is this hot chick?
NeuroticNero (8:14:32 PM): O_O
ZapPika (8:14:37 PM): Uhm
NeuroticNero (8:14:38 PM): Are you cheating on me?
ZapPika (8:14:41 PM): xD
ZapPika (8:14:47 PM): ..... uhm
ZapPika (8:14:49 PM): Mayyybeee
ZapPika (8:14:50 PM): :33
NeuroticNero (8:14:58 PM): I thought we had something!!!11
ZapPika (8:15:06 PM): WEEE DOO
ZapPika (8:15:06 PM): BUT
ZapPika (8:15:10 PM): I LIEK
ZapPika (8:15:12 PM): TITTIE*S!
ZapPika (8:15:19 PM): lol you need to quote that
ZapPika (8:15:21 PM): :P
NeuroticNero (8:15:25 PM): okay.
NeuroticNero (4:48:14 PM): wutwut.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (4:48:18 PM): indabutt
NeuroticNero (4:48:22 PM): i love butters.
AlanaPeekaboo4U (4:48:44 PM): I said what what, in the butt, I said what what, in the butt. You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt? I said what what in the butt.
Lusankyaz (4:49:01 PM): -.-
NeuroticNero (4:49:03 PM): AlanaPeekaboo4U (4:48:44 PM): You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
NeuroticNero (4:49:04 PM): Sure.
y2kpikachu12 (9:42:24 PM): Yeahh, I wanna see your face.
NeuroticNero (9:42:28 PM): :O
NeuroticNero (9:42:41 PM): Lol, why? XD
y2kpikachu12 (9:42:59 PM): well, I sorta picture you as the house guy xD
NeuroticNero (9:43:04 PM): XD
ZapPika (12:59:13 PM): She has sexy banners
ZapPika (12:59:18 PM): I'm going to take one
ZapPika (12:59:19 PM): :3
NeuroticNero (12:59:23 PM): i cybered with her. XD
ZapPika (12:59:26 PM): XD
ZapPika (12:59:30 PM): SERIOUSLY?
ZapPika (12:59:31 PM): XD
NeuroticNero (12:59:34 PM): Yes.
Harshit 6:28
n seroiusly wats a titanic?
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