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Originally Posted by machine242 View Post
Yea, other dates are fine
And do you happen to have any pikacafe/noks?
Ok, i prepare also 29th, 30th, 31th.July and 1st.Aug.

i'm sorry, have no pikacafes...
i have some NoKs by trading in this Forum and in Japanese Forum.
but it is not got for myself, so i'm uncertain whether it is legit or not, too.
but I believe people who traded with me.

Feebus: Capable of taking hits, Hates to lose, Thoroughly Cunning
Munchlax: Good perseverence, Alert to sounds, A little quick tempered
Regigigas: Lonely, Carefull, Hasty, Serious, Naughty, Quiet
Arcanine:Quiet, Docile, Sassy, Timid, Modest etc...

I'm sorry, i'm going to bed cause it is 1:00p.m..

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