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Default URPG Comic Competition 2009(deadline + little detail @ #1 post)

By : Just Leo

Welcome, to the only and only, URPG Comic Competition, where you guys make Comics of sorts, for entertainment purposes only :P
Read the rules and be aware of the instructions provided, and this will be a breeze.

How do I participate?
Just post here saying that you want to take part, and I'll add your name in. No entries after the deadline would be accepted. You may begin making those Comics, right after you're added to the Participant List in the #2nd Post.

PM me all your Comic Entries!

Rules :
- Must be URPG related
- No Offensive language/Etc
- Max of 3 Comic Entries per person
- No Video/Animation, Strictly hand-drawn/Pictures/etc

After all the participants submit, no more entries will be taken in, and voting will commence. All URPG Members are entitled to vote for 3 Comics(to what they think is the best) at max. I'll tally them up once all voting are done by a certain deadline, and present the winners here soon after. Participants are free to do voting as well, but they cannot vote for their own work!

Prizes :
What most really people want at the end of the day.

3 winners are picked, and prizes are as follows.

1st - Basic Pokemon of Hard Rank or lower
2nd - Basic Pokemon of Medium Rank or lower
3rd - Basic Pokemon of Easy Rank or lower

Extras :
Don't worry if your comic panels are not too much or too little, As long as it's presentable and hilarious/etc, It'd have no problem entering here.
Most important thing is, you guys have fun doing this and bring laughter to all others :P

Now, a few words from Curt;

kooolcurtis (5:12:11 PM): so i need to say some words of inspiration?
PokeFan17 (5:12:17 PM): of course
PokeFan17 (5:12:23 PM): that's not really necessary
PokeFan17 (5:12:32 PM): but hey, ppl would feel encouraged much :P
PokeFan17 (5:12:41 PM): just throw some knick knack in
kooolcurtis (5:14:26 PM): well, tell them to try their best and don't be discouraged if its not that great looking. your comic may be soooo bad, that its good :P
PokeFan17 (5:14:35 PM): :P
kooolcurtis (5:14:52 PM): my comics were made with paint lol

That's all.

Deadlines :
I'll be decent and give you guys liek a week+, starting today 29th July till 6th August to submit all those Comics. Any problems/etc, PM/VM away. Of course, if all entries are submitted before that, I'll commence to voting round.

Any questions/etc, post or PM away.

Useful Links: - By Adam

Idea By : koolcurtis
Approved By : DU, Hkim (and others)

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