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Originally Posted by machine242 View Post
Mana- do you happen to have any other GCEA cities?

PKMN Legend- Unfortunately i dont have either of those

yse, i have some other GCEA cities PKMNs, however there are many hacked ones in the Japanese tradeboards too, so i'm uncertain whether they are or not.
But I heard that the PKMNs which I listed are probably sure whose PKMNs they are.
So, i don't want to offer the another GCEA PKMNs, sorry.

And to add to Eigakan Arceus from 18th to 26th.July, do you need these?
27th.July. Eigakan Arceus, QUIET natured, Likes to relax
28th.July. Eigakan Arceus, JOLLY natured, Loves to eat
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