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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book


Navel Island Gym Challenge!

Leader Fenix vs. Soda

No Items
No Helds
Ocean Terrain
Sleep Clause
*trainers send 6 Pokemon, 3 are randomly selected by the ref

Fenix with Salamence, Weavile, Gengar
Soda with Infernape, Starmie, Ambipom

Salamence took out Ambipom in a few turns with Brick Break, but was slapped with an icey punch. Weavile and Starmie fought a bought but Infernape came in and put the party a hault. So Gengar came in and was Encored on Shadow Ball, which eventually got its special ability to work leaving Infernape's defense crippled. However Starmie paralyzed Gengar and Infernape infuated it, however Weavile came in after Gengar was able to take out Starmie and helped weaken Infernape but was destoryed by Brick Break, Gengar then came in hoping to be able to move, which he did and was about to use a Psychic to end the game.

Fenix wins and gets $3000
Soda loses and gets $1500

I should get $1500 for reffing.
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