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Hello Mana
Do you happen to have any Korean events? I would be interested in many of those. I'd like any Japanese events which I do not have, including Eigakan Arceus :)

Thank u for ur answering:D

and so sorry, the NoK Events which I have are all NFT or maybe are the same ones which you already have by its natures.

Oh, really? I have some Eigakan Arceus!
Which do you want different natures or dates from your list?
or, do u want different natures of Movie Shaymin?

and i can also offer: バトルやま(Batoruyama)Ho-oh, PC-オーサカ(Osaka) Mewoth, PC-ヨコハマ(Yokohama) Pikachu, おねむり(Onemuri) Pikachu, ギンザル(Ginzaru) Larvitar/Meditite/Shuckle/Plusle, My pokemon Ranch:Yukari, etc...

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