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Default Re: Da Summer AIM Auction!

Originally Posted by DaRkUmBrEoN View Post
Depends on how bad it gets.
Obviously, I'd recommend not to do 2HKOs and recommend simple basic vs basic even matches.
Though, a few 2HKOs I wouldn't mind, since it costs you money to buy a decent basic.

No, you can make money.
Just don't make money by bucketloads just to get epic mons in the auction.
Just do as you normally do, and then some.

You know me and my auctions. Money isn't everything, it's waiting till the right moment to get a good mon.
Though it wouldn't hurt since I only have 14k o.O Which is about the most I've ever had, lol

EDIT: I just remembered something I am doing Sunday :( It will not be a good time for me, btw

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