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Default Re: New Title - DP140! [Spoiler]

^ Uhh yeah, not really the place to discuss the movies, nor Pokemon that donít even relate to the title.

Originally Posted by Willow View Post
I thought 139 looked really cute sounding. The secong pic isn't working.
I donít really consider Professor Oak, or Croagunk particularly cute. :x

And yeah, sorry about that. Iíve fixed it now.

Originally Posted by Operative View Post
Suck it up, Calypso.


At least they're not going straight into the Johto Season without notice in the anime.

Xatu ftw.
Ahah, I guess Iíll have to endure the fillers, since I suspect theyíll be a lot more in the upcoming weeks. Besides, they always air episodes with little consequence during summer, since thatís when the ratings are typically poor. Mind you, I donít recall this many Kanto-related fillers back when FR/LG was released.

Now to wait for the inevitable Dawn/Cyndaquil/Chikorita capture episode. :P

Originally Posted by Dr. House View Post
OMG, Staravia evolved? :o

I can't so not wait for this episode.

I haven't seen a Rhyperior ever. Perhaps, because you said debut. XD
Staravia evolved in early March, which was around 20 episodes ago. :S

And movie appearances generally arenít considered debuts, since they're mostly cameos.
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