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Misc. Events:
NoK Arcanine(Docile, Sassy, Timid,Quiet)
NoK Regigigas(Lonely, Modest, Adamant, Timid, Hasty,Hardy, Brave, Bashful)
NoK Feebas(Very finicky, Thoroughly cunning, highly curious, hates to lose, Somewhat vain, Good endurance, Highly persistant)
NoK Munchlax-(Mischievous, Alert to sounds, A little quick tempered, Very finicky,Capable of taking hits, Likes to fight)

I want these, and I don't have a thread.
Do you want Syokotan Pichu and Eigakan Arceus(not pre-released)'s different natures or dates?
or, Japanese My Pokemon Ranch and Japanese XD/Colloseum ones?
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