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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Reason #3: September 11th Dom't get me wrong, I don't blame Bush for the 9/11 attacks, but I am appalled at the level of apathy he showed both before and after the attacks. In a memo (Presidential Daily Briefing) from August 6th, 2001, entitled "Osama bin Laden Determined to Attack within United States", Bush found out that al-Qaeda was palnning something, and he knew it may involve using planes as weapons. He and Condi Rice keep saying that this information was 'historical sata', and wasn't construed as a wraning. However, on July 18th of 2001, just two two weeks prior, both the FBI AND THE FAA released TERROR WARNINGS. So, how could the PDB NOT be construed as a warning?!

Bush keeps saying that he didn't know when or where or how it would happen. Well, that he didn't know how is a lie. He had intelligence that binLaden may be using aircraft as weapons (the military had even done multiple training scenarios where A PLANE FIES INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. As to where and when, of course he didn't know, we don't excpect him to. What does he excpect, a not from Al Qaeda explaining when and where they will attack? Please...

He maintains that the government did all they could with the information that they had. I say that that' just plain bulls**t. What could they have done, without knowing the specifics of the attack?

1.) Airport Security - security in airports (before 9/11) were almost non-existant in the US. It was pretty much a joke, with untrained personell as security officers in most places. There could have been some significant improvement in security to prepare for an attack through the air, as they did know it was going to happen.

2.) Public Relations - Some information should have been released to the American poeple, even if just by raising the terror alert status.

Not only did Bush not amply prepare us for the attack, he, to this day, will not claim responsibility for it.

<Still more reasons later>
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