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Default Re: New Title - DP 136! [Spoiler]

I’m pretty late with posting this, (I could’ve sworn I already did xD) but here’s some additional information for this episode, including preview pictures and a brief summary:

“Still on their way to Dawn's next contest in Suiren Town, Ash and his friends come to a section of Mt. Coronet where the east of Sinnoh is divided from the west, and this is most evident through the appearance of the two different types of Shellos that live in the water surrounding the area... however it seems that some of the Shellos from the east have ended up in the west and vice versa. The gang decide to investigate, but when Piplup falls down an artificial tunnel, they soon find they have more serious problems than a few misplaced Pokémon...” [Source]

*Full credit to ShinyCharyZard of Serebii for these. I was intending to do them myself, but figured there was no point grouping the same pictures. :P

Charon finally debuts, and Looker returns. Saturn is also present, which sucks a little, considering we’re still awaiting Jupiter’s solo mission.

Piplup apparently has its own side quest featuring a pink Shellos. According to the calendar and the summary, the blue Shellos should also appear, but is absent from the preview it seems, which is a little odd.

Plus, the new AD is truly terrible. What’s with the completely dreadful CG water? And Toxicroak’s features? The movements also seem pretty stiff and awkward. Could we have someone to rival Takeda as the worst director, perhaps?
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