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Default Re: Why hasn't Pokemon ditched 4kids?

Why even bother posting if it is merely to slate the show? Okay, I understand that you’re entitled to your own opinion, but if you’re doing nothing but complaining, with erroneous facts and absurd statements to back you up, then you’re basically contributing nothing. In fact, half of what you have said makes me question whether you have actually seen any of the recent episodes.

If you honestly want my opinion regarding the quality of the show currently, then refer to this below, which I posted in another thread earlier today. It saves me reiterating everything all over again:
Originally Posted by Calypso View Post
I agree. People tend to have this assumption that the show pretty much obsolete nowadays simply because it’s not as popular as it used to be. If anything, I’d say the latest region has actually exceeded Kanto by a country mile. Not only is the storyline much more enhanced in comparison, but the characters are actually developed and the main focus isn’t always on the mascot and the three starter Pokemon. In addition, the gym battles are, in fact, fairly intense, and aren’t defeated through pity or unjust methods like in Kanto. The villainous teams are also now a genuine threat, and show up regularly as part of a consistent storyline (referring to Team Galactic, not Rocket. :P) I really do wish people would stop making unreasonable comments concerning the anime without even watching the newer series, because it most cases, they couldn’t be more wrong.
And please, do elaborate on this “less life like” nonsense. Again, the newer seasons have actually implemented a whole lot more effort into character development. Most Pokemon actually have distinct personalities with unique quirks and back-stories, and on occasion receive individual episodes dedicated to them alone. Intriguing rivals like Paul and Hunter-J have been introduced, as opposed to people like Ritchie, who contributed nothing to the show in terms of character.

What exactly will dumping Ash achieve? Not only would that lead to the demise of the show, but who would they introduce instead? Since you want it to relate to the show so closely, it would have to be another 10 year old with the same aspirations in the same region. Hmm..

And the anime does follow the games, they just don’t emulate every aspect involved. If the anime was a precise duplicate of the games, it would be an exceptionally tedious series. Not to mention the viewers would know what to expect from each individual episode (hence why the writers add these certain twists.) Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, the anime actually is a perfect depiction of the games, and I honestly don’t understand what you’re getting at. What exactly is it that makes it a weak representation of the games? It follows the generic concept of collecting eight gym badges, includes the contests, (albeit with an enhanced format) features the same towns and cities, and the same route that must be taken.

The magna idea is ludicrous. Why would we want the exact same story rehashed to us, only in animated form? Besides, the magna is also based off the games. :l

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