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Default Re: {Pokémon Capture Thread}

Originally Posted by Operative View Post
That's why Monferno and Grotle are still there. ;D
But neither Monferno nor Grotle are in their basic forms. :P I wasn't just referring to Pokemon in their final stages, I meant evolved in general.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to create a list for the filler saga, but the possibilities are pretty vast. The only suggestions that seem rational for Ash would be Totodile returning to promote HGSS, whereas Buizel and Gliscor would be Oaked to make room for possible captures. Totodile seems the obvious candidate imo, since it is in dire need of redemption: it participated in only one Gym Battle, (Whitney’s if I recall correctly, where it was completely annihilated by her Miltank) learned no new moves, received literally no development whatsoever, and was just unfairly neglected in general. After this, the options become a little harder to predict. A Pokemon that relates to the 5th Generation seems the most probable estimate for his final spot, similar to Aipom in the Advanced saga. Monferno would also possibly evolve mid-series if it hadn’t already in Sinnoh.

I’ll attempt Dawn a little later. :x
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