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Red face Re: I know, i know...

Originally Posted by SuperErinMan View Post
hey all

just got pokemon ruby for the VBA (virtual boy advance for those who dont know) and im having trouble with Wattson.

I know, normally i give advice in the RSE boards but this time i need help.

Here's my team so far:

Gekkoman the Grovyle
Lv 22
fury cutter
quick attack

Any ground move potential?
its serious nature so both its attacking stats are respectable.

Wing-Girl the Swellow @ silk scarf
Lv 22
Wing Attack
Quick Attack
Focus Energy
Double team
Raising another poke in place of this for Wattson then bringing this back afterward might help
a very fast bird, indeed.

Seedman the Nuzleaf @ pecha berry
Nature Power
Fake out
Bullet Seed
Can it learn anything helpful against Electric, or strong overall?
Not bad overall, but doesnt seem to contribute much.

Annoyman the Mawile
Fake Tears
Sweet Scent
Not a fan of Fake Tears, but the rest seems good.
My 'wall'/stat dropper/sweet scenter because my comp is too slow for consecutive button-holding required for running in tall grass to find pokemon. not bad overall.

Zig-Man the Zigzagoon @ whatever item he picks up after battle
Tail Whip
Odor sleuth
Sand Attack
Train more and give some more good moves
My weak link. mostly here for item grabbing so i dont have to go shopping.

Psyman the Kirlia
Double team
How soon can u get Psychic?
My upcoming sweeper. as soon as i get calm mind and psychic, that is.

any ideas how i can beat wattson and improve my team?
Ideas R Orange.

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