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Default Re: ~~~ !Tamer's Reffing Book! ~~~

No Items
Gym Battle- Verdian City Gym

Dap- Swapert
AbX- Steelix, Piloswine, Tyranitar

After Swapert finished Steelix with couple of surfs he was at 8.2/10. While battling Piloswine, Pilsowine's Blizzard missed making it easy for Dap to win in 2 surfs again ending this turn at 8.2/10. A TYRANITAR WAS SENT AFTER THAT. He crunches and makes a critical hit but a CRITICAL HIT EARTHQUAKE is much more powerful than I ever though. He ended this turn at 3.1/10, finishing out the gym with an almost healthy Swapert.

Dap win- 2000$ and Earth Badge and TM Earthquake.
AbX looses- 1000$

I reffed.
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