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Default I know, i know...

hey all

just got pokemon ruby for the VBA (virtual boy advance for those who dont know) and im having trouble with Wattson.

I know, normally i give advice in the RSE boards but this time i need help.

Here's my team so far:

Gekkoman the Grovyle
Lv 27
fury cutter
quick attack

its serious nature so both its attacking stats are respectable. getting leaf blade soon.

Wing-Girl the Swellow @ silk scarf
Lv 25
Wing Attack
Quick Attack
Focus Energy
Double team

a very fast bird, indeed.

BLAARGH the koffing
Poison Gas

I see much potential in the ball of toxic gas.

Annoyman the Mawile
Fake Tears
Sweet Scent

My 'wall'/stat dropper/sweet scenter because my comp is too slow for consecutive button-holding required for running in tall grass to find pokemon. not bad overall.

Pyroturtle the Torkoal lv 19
Fire Spin
some other move that i never use, i think its smokescreen

i needed/wanted a fire type, and torkoal is really cool.

Psyman the Kirlia
Calm Mind
Double team

My upcoming sweeper. as soon as i get calm mind and psychic, that is.

any ideas how i can beat flannery and improve my team?

Platinum FC: 2750 9224 1685

Im giving up on pe2k. moving on to smogon. maybe back later, not likely.

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