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Default Re: New Title - DP138! [Spoiler]

Originally Posted by Operative View Post
In a contest, I suppose.

Dawn'll win, fer sure.

It's not like the company to make her lose a competition unless she loses then tries again.
And thereís the fact she lost the previous contest too. :P

Iím actually hoping it isnít a contest actually. Iíd prefer a training episode. I mean, why would Johanna want to hinder, and possibly prevent her own daughter from winning her final ribbon? The title does seem to suggest the idea of a face-off of some sort, however.

Also hoping Johanna will use something other than Glameow for the battle round. We see it featured frequently with Zoey anyway. There was a Xatu included on that aforementioned calendar as well, so maybe it could possibly relate to this episode in some way. Thereís also Kangaskhan, and I have acknowledged that games =/= anime, but it would be nice to see it again. After all, the Kangaskhan filler in Kanto was my absolute favourite episode of that series. :3
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