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Default Re: {Pokémon Capture Thread}

@DietKoffing: Nothing seems too outrageous, so I agree with most of your suggestions, except the return of Pidgeot and Happiny remaining as a Chansey. I like the idea of Gallade, however. I’m not particularly fond of the Pokemon itself, but it would be interesting to see what sort of personality it would possess. Also, it would introduce some required diversity to Dawn’s team in terms of typing.

Originally Posted by riolu42 View Post
Pikachu is done.

Gliscor needs to mature.

Grotle will stay a grotle

monferno will stay a monferno.

Buizel should get speared by Lapras.

Staraptor should be dumped for Snover, it fits ash.

Piplup will never evolve.

Buneary should like Monferno more.

Pachirisu will stay.

Mamoswine will stay.

Leafeon is a must.

Croagunk will stay.

Sudowoodo will say.

Blissey, the newly evolved Happiny!

Magmy, Brock needs a Magmy.
Gliscor - I disagree here. I find Gliscor’s juvenile quirks entertaining; due to the fact it’s such an intimidating Pokemon in general. No need to change imo.

Lapras - Why all the sudden desire for Lapras? :s As I stated before, Lapras returning is a little ludicrous. Not only is it currently redundant in terms of transport; it also doesn’t promote anything. Buizel is a 4th Generation Pokemon, thus relating to Sinnoh, and at least some Johto Pokemon can claim they have the upcoming G/S remakes.

Snover - Ash had his chance to catch a Snover in the recent episode featuring it. If it was going to happen, it would have happened then. Besides, it’s a pretty random suggestion, since Flying-types have always been considered vital by Ash.

Froslass - I really wanted this also at the start of the saga, but like the above, Froslass already had its debut not long ago. I’m not saying it’s an impossibility due to this reason alone, but it does seem unlikely.

Magby - The fact that Paul possesses its evolution kind of hampers the chances of this occurring. I do believe Brock should be associated with more baby Pokemon though, but I’d prefer if they gave him something that hasn’t yet been featured, like Mantyke.

Originally Posted by Operative View Post
Nice thread, Calypso.

Agree with mostly everything on here. But as Ash being a competitive character, I'm taking a guess that Ash will evolve Buizel.

Thanks. :]

And, man I hope so. I stick with my early conception that it barely differs when it evolves, but something about Floatzel just generally appeals to me more. However, evolving every Pokemon on Ash’s team, with the obvious exception of Pikachu, seems a little excessive. He normally has at least one other which remains in its basic form throughout the entire saga.

Originally Posted by arcemegus View Post
comments in stylized form

The only pokemons missing from the series are Froslass and heatran

[STUPID QUESTIONS=offtopic] in the platinum game where the battle frontier is, you get to rechallenge gym leaders in the survival area, visit stark mountain and see heatran, and battle barry and buck. does anyone suppose that will happen in future with ash, brock and dawn or will they just skip to johto[/STUPID QUESTIONS]
It’s a possibility, I suppose. They could always relocate the events and implement them into the Johto filler saga (assuming there is one), if they don’t have the time to showcase the entire Fight/Survival/Resort Area separately. It doesn’t seem too absurd, since the Battle Frontier currently resides in the Fight Arena in the games, and many speculate that this will be shifted to Johto due to the remakes. Also, they’ve already showcased the other tag-partners in the game thus far, so I don’t know why they wouldn’t add Buck.

Oh, and disregard what I said earlier, arcemegus. It was the 12th movie that was airing today in Japan; the Galactic episode is the following week. Sorry about that. ^^;;

And regarding the spoiler warning, read the above posts made by Operative and Nyurgh, and also me on the first page. Those pretty much convey my thoughts on the issue. :s
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