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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

Okay, I need some feedback on my Fic. It is a trainer fic, but not your average: Trainer gets first Pokemon from professor, takes the Gym Challenge, wins, and becomes champion. No… that would be boring. In this Fic, Devan Ketchum, Ash Ketchum’s older brother has these dreams about a Legendary Pokemon. However, he soon finds out those weren’t dreams… the Legendary Pokemon was trying to communicate with Devan in his sleep so that he could awaken him.

Anyway, Devan gets caught up in the controversy between Team Magma and Aqua, ends up trying to stop Team Rocket and a new Team Blackwave. He even travels to Sinnoh and meets his brother for the first time ever. He helps him take down Team Galactic sooner or later... or they try to. Not to mention, their dad will be introduced in this! *Gasp*

I recommend you to read the Prologue first so that you grasp the fact that this won’t just be your average Trainer Fic and then read the first chapter which gives you that fresh new trainer feel. At the same time, you’ll read something intriguing in the beginning of the first chapter.

The title of the fic is “Pokemon Amethyst,” please give as much feedback as you can…
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