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Default Re: Odd Status Condition.

Originally Posted by Darkness View Post
It helps by making your Pokemon thatīs infected with it gain double the experience points than before. And it also doubles the amount of EVs a Pokemon takes in. But the virus wonīt last forever so use it well.

Ah, OK. What are EVs, if I may ask? The person who got the game wanted me to find out more about all this. ^^ If you make it hold, say, Exp. Share, will ain triple the amount?

And, how long exactly does it last? Or does it just vary with each time it pops up?

The game, by the way, has had major cheats used on it (by the person who owned it before). ^^ It's so cool. So many shinies (including Lugia and Celebi). They're lettig me have the non-shiny Lugia, too. ^^

I dunno, Gun. I don't anything about the virus 'cept from what Darkness told me and form what the Nurse Joy said. That's about it.
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