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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

Originally Posted by Giratina View Post
Been a while, Fanfic Chat.

Anyway, Charmander, the basic premise sounds pretty interesting to me. Darkrai and Cresselia's interactions have always been fun to watch for me, and digging deeper into it would certainly be something I would enjoy. However, I think it would probably be best to limit it to one (or maybe two) regions - zooming all over the world could make for a very confusing setting, and if the characters want to be Pogermans Masters and they need to run through all four Regions... it probably wouldn't be completed. I think you could rework some of the events in the different Regions just to fit in the various nooks and crannies of one - and if some minor changes would need to be made to make them fit well, it's better than running from the east end of Kanto all the way to Mauville to find another clue, now isn't it?
Hmm, thanks for the feedback, Giratina. This won't be a Trainer Fic or a PMD fic, but I'll work on the idea of running from region to region. I was looking for a way to unite the PokeWorld into one story in a way that hopefully won't be confusing. At any rate, my characters won't be visiting every single town that exist there. That would suck to write all that >_< (head hurts just thinking abou it)
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