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Default Re: {Pokémon Capture Thread}

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post

Did you even read the opening post? :s
YES, yes I did. I was just considering whether ash's monferno/infernape would learn close combat or blast burn

Oh, and there is an episode regarding Team Galactic on Mt. Coronet airing on Thursday, so that'll probably include the three Dragons.

Would that be in Japan or in the US?
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Originally Posted by DietKoffing View Post
- Ash -

Pikachu - You know that Pikachu's going to be staying with Ash of course.
Staraptor - Although Ash promised that he would bring Pidgeot back he's going to keep Staraptor for the rest of Sinnoh and then bring back Pidgeot.
Infernape - Infernape will evolve in a battle with Paul during the Pokemon League challenge.
Grotle - This isn't going to evolve because all of Ash's Pokemon can't be fully evolved and Paul already owns a Torterra.
Gliscor - Unlike Staraptor, Ash may switch this Pokemon out for another one at Oak's lab, but it's to be determined for now.
Floatzel - Buizel will evolve in a battle with Team Galactic.

- Dawn -

Piplup - It's going to be an equivilant (<- Don't know how to spell) to Ash's Pikachu.
Lopunny - Buneary will finally evolve after so many episodes into Lopunny from Happiness. I'm predicting that it'll evolve during a Contest Battle.
Pachirisu - Not much to say except that it doesn't evolve and it'll stay on her team.
Mamoswine - This is the powerhouse of her team so it'll be staying.
Gallade - Dawn will somehow get a Ralts and it'll become a Gallade overtime. She could rescue a Ralts from Team Galactic and keep it as her own. It'll evolve into Kirlia by battling and it'll find a Dawn stone (hehe..) and evolve into Gallade.

- Brock -

Croagunk - Although we all want Croagunk to evolve it won't until a later series or maybe it won't evolve at all?
Sudowoodo - This may be taken off Brock's team and left at the Pewter gym in a later series, but we'll have to see what happens.
Chansey - It'll evolve overtime into Chansey and stay a Chansey till a later series.
The only pokemons missing from the series are froslass and heatran

[STUPID QUESTIONS=offtopic] in the platinum game where the battle frontier is, you get to rechallenge gym leaders in the survival area, visit stark mountain and see heatran, and battle barry and buck. does anyone suppose that will happen in future with ash, brock and dawn or will they just skip to johto[/STUPID QUESTIONS]
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