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Default Re: {Pokémon Capture Thread}

Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
It already is Monferno. :P The question is: Will evolve again or not?

I agree with Blissey and Leafeon(I'd really like to see Jolteon, but she already has Pachirisu :/), as for Lopunny, I don't have any real reason, but I don't see it happening.
Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. If Buneary doesn’t evolve, I could see it becoming another Skitty and being dumped before the filler saga.
Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
After the 7th Gym, so yeah, Bulbapedia called it there.

So yeah, this thread needs a spoiler warning.
There is a spoiler warning. :L Besides, the description for the anime section clearly states:
“NOTE: It’s possible that there may be discussions in here that may spoil something for you if you haven't seen that episode/movie before.”

Originally Posted by DarkGardevoir View Post
I believe Buneary won't evolve. That's just me, obviously, but Buneary is just too cute :P

I don't think Monferno should evolve. I don't really like Infernape in general, but I think Monferno is good enough as it is (and besides, similiarly to Buizel, it wouldn't gain much upon evolution) I don’t particularly like Infernape either, but I do believe it will inevitably evolve to prove to Paul that it is capable of being powerful.

Grotle... meh, I don't really know about Grotle. Despite I choose Turtwig myself in the games, I don't know what to say about this. It really is a Bulbasaur rip-off in my opinion, the only difference being the vines and the fact Grotle evolved. Since I doubt Ash will switch teams before the league, I hope he'll take it out in the filler saga. I don’t really see the similarities between Bulbasaur and Grotle, other than their capture episodes, and the fact that they're both Grass types. Grotle has a much friendlier demeanour, and its battle style has become much more distinctive upon evolution.

Gliscor is too fun <3 Can’t disagree with this. :]

I've yet to see how Staraptor acts, so I can't say anything about it- but, it being Ash's mean of aerial research, despite whatever you may think of Gliscor, I highly doubt he'll leave it at Oak's lab.
I think it’s pretty much a given that Staraptor will stay, and Gliscor will be dumped at Oak’s following the Sinnoh League.

I think Ash should get an Ice type. I don't know, he only owned one so far, I think it'd be only fair of him to get another. Too bad the Ice types are few and far between- and considering Paul has Weavile, Dawn has Mamoswine and Candice owns Snover and Abomarsnow, I don't know what he could get anyway. I really can't see him owning a Froslass, and he already has Glalie anyway. He’s never owned quite a few types, so I don’t quite understand the logic behind that point. Also, I don’t really see the importance in him having an Ice-type. If they were so desperate to introduce the element to his team, they could always just teach Buizel Ice Fang, or have it execute “Ice Aqua Jet” more frequently.

As for Dawn's team, I guess that the Leafeon would be the most obvious choice, depending on when one will have its anime appearance. It would be interesting if she got a Bug Pokemon to take care but then again, I dunno.

And in the filler saga, I hope Dawn catches a Cyndaquil <3 I think it'd fit her.
Most likely. I only hope they’ll give it a personality that will distinquish it from Ash’s.

Can't say much about Brock either, I think you covered it well enough. If Hippopotas came back and went with Brock it would be a nice add, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Besides, Brock will probably only take care of baby Pokemon. But Brock didn't exactly interact with Hippopotas in either of its appearances. If anyone was to catch it, I'd say the most feasible would be Ash.
Comments in bold. :]

Originally Posted by arcemegus View Post
1. why focus on only what evolves, how about what moves pokes could learn?
2. why only focus on ash, dawn and brock? why not open the subject up a bit more?

I agree along with DarkGardevoir (except regarding infernape), but i do think that ash should train grotle to torterra as it would help when trying to face Volkner.

Possibly ash could get out good old lapras again but i know there are no promises for that

I want to see an actual tv debut of dialga, palkia and giratina at spear pillar. but that could already be planned or the idea thrown away
1) Because that would be an entirely different subject in general. And it’s not only about who evolves. Did you even read the opening post? :s
2) “Main characters” doesn’t refer to just Ash, Dawn, and Brock. It can be Team Rocket too, and Paul to some extent.

Lapras is pretty doubtful. He already has Buizel, and doesn’t really require it for travelling.

Oh, and there is an episode regarding Team Galactic on Mt. Coronet airing on Thursday, so that'll probably include the three Dragons.

Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
I lol'd at the Teddiursa thing. Vulpix, Mudkip, Bonsly, and Happiny don't seem to help. Dawn's gonna scrapped, YAY SOUL!(can't wait to hear the BAWfests for this one) And yeah, Ash needs Pidgeot back, and Larvitar IS a Johto mon after all. :D
I doubt Dawn will leave before the filler saga. May wasn't replaced by Leaf in advanced, so I don't see how this instance will be any different. Moreover, I'd like to see Dawn's team develop further than one Grand Festival. Soul is awesome though. :]

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