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Default Re: {Pokémon Capture Thread}

This is how I thin it'll look for the next season (Back to Johto)

Pikachu - Done.
Pidgeot - Ash will finally keep his word and come back for Pidgeot during his transition from Sinnoh, back to Kanto and then heading to Johto.
Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar During his new Journey through Johto, Ash will more than likely run into Larvitar agian and this time will be able to take larvitar with him.
Infernape – I can see Ash keeping his Monferno and evolving it (if it hasn't already evolved to Infernape in Sinnoh)
Buizel - Buizel will stay Buizel and remain in Ash's line-up.
Gliscor - Gliscor will also be a mainstay, especially considering it's pre-evo form is Gligar, a Johto pokemon.

Piplup - Everstone. :l
Lopunny - Dawn will keep her Buneary and it will evolve into a Lopunny. The crush will remain.
Pachirisu - Done.
Mamoswine - Done.
Leafeon – Dawn will probably get an Eevee and it will evolve in Sinnoh to become a Leafeon.

Croagunk - Brock will always need a chaperon, and since Misty isn't comming back and unless Max joins up, Croagunk is here to stay.
Blissey - There is no way Happiny will not evolve this far. Brock is too good a breeder that Happiny would not shoot right through her evolutions before Johto.
Sudowoodo - Done.
Stantler - Remember that Stantler Brock helped out? I think during the new Johto journies, Brock will come across it agian, all grown up, and it'll join his team.
Teddiursa - Just a hope for, but it would make a fine fit for Brock (Not to mention aid in his womanizing ways =P What woman wouldn't be attracted to an adorable Teddiursa?)
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