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Default {Pokémon Capture Thread}

*May contain possible spoilers for dub only viewers*

This thread is basically to discuss the possible Pokemon the main characters may receive, and generally to speculate the upcoming cast changes in regards to their teams. This can also include departures and evolutions.

I'll start off by predicting the teams for the end of the Sinnoh League. These are what I believe are the most probable situations, are not necessarily what I want.

Pikachu - Done.
Staraptor - Done.
Monferno/Infernape – Depends whether the writers have time to develop Monferno and still evolve him before the league. Seems unlikely, but if he doesn’t, I could see it happening in the filler saga instead.
Grotle – I can’t see both of his starters reaching their final forms, and Infernape seems more plausible. Besides, Torterra is Paul’s main Pokemon.
Buizel - I'd actually prefer Floatzel, but I doubt it'll evolve. It just doesn't gain any significant advantages when it does: it looks the same; and Buizel is already fast and powerful.
Gliscor - Done.

Piplup - Everstone. :l
Lopunny - Seems pretty happy, but I doubt the writers take that into account. Also, its relationship with Pikachu is dull; I'd like to see it mature a little. Besides, now it's Dawn's only normal type.
Pachirisu - Done.
Mamoswine - Done.
Leafeon – I would prefer for her to get something a little less predictable, but this seems the most plausible. She has yet get to get a grass type, and it could parallel May's Glaceon, I suppose. I would rather she caught it as a Leafeon though, as opposed to another Eevee in the cast.

Croagunk/Toxicroak - Could go either way. But its rivalry with Saturn's Toxicroak could indicate it's staying as Croagunk.
Blissey - I could see it evolving and adopting a somewhat nanny-like behaviour towards the younger Pokemon. I’m hoping it would evolve all the way to its final form, since Chansey would sort of be an insult to Brock's breeding skills, considering it evolves via happiness.
Sudowoodo - Done.

Anyone else care to post their predictions? :3

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