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Default Re: Quote Thread: Make a single post and store all your quotes here.

mikey94028 (4:24:46 pm): You suck
ninjalnk (4:24:47 pm): Can i mike?

Politoed Prince (19:29:24): I'll keep going till you want to stop

MoreMallows4Mike (8:38:37 PM): the korean word for black people literally means dirt people

wtheburgerkingw (3:00:51 PM): MK come to florida and you can sleep in my basement
magic kid930 (3:00:53 PM): I am going there

Originally Posted by Sakuya_Izayoi View Post
Thanks for the criticism xD
Originally Posted by Master Groudon View Post
i have no idea what that means. (no im not stuped).
Rampardos pwns (20:32:58): Rotom cock form comes with 2 special moves! Water Gun and Harden!!!!!!!!!!!
StunkyLupus (20:33:08): it learns gunk shot
NeuroticNero (20:33:16): water shot
magic kid930 (20:33:18): Tackle?

BlackXHawk69 (5:23:49 PM): i will suck your di*k and concede superiority to you
CJsox72 (5:23:50 PM): :]

wtheburgerkingw (5:48:18 PM): just like my peni*
TehPkmnKingdra (5:48:42 PM): *gains intrest*

BlackXHawk69 (10:36:19 PM): do u like peni*?
TehPkmnKingdra (10:36:38 PM): You remiend me of someone named Black Label

iamnotyou11 (8:37 PM) Lol I argued for 5 mins with a ref I was right
magic kid930 (8:37 pm) What about?
iamnotyou11 (8:37 pm) Cuz ref's always make dumb mistakes if flare blitz 1hkos sceptile, ape, lol :P
I still lost the match tho
magic kid930 (8:39 pm) What did you say? Did you say it did OHKO Sceptile?
iamnotyou11 (8:39 pm) Yes, Lol
magic kid930 (8:39 pm) Yeah, you were right :P
magic kid930 (8:39 pm) Who was the ref?
iamnotyou11 (8:40 pm) I lied I wanted to feel cool


OmgISeesAKitteh (10:12:20 PM): don't ask how I misspelled 'OBECTION' as 'yoj'.
-Will edit with more-

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